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How to Utilise the Instagram hashtag strategy to Grow Your Business

In today’s world, do hashtags play an important role on
Instagram? As in 2024, the Instagram Hashtag Strategy for Business Growth has
developed to reflect the platform’s evolving landscape. This strategy requires carefully selecting
hashtags that are relevant to the business’s niche, industry, and target audience.

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Instagram Hashtags help you both in making your Instagram grow and may also lead to damage to your marketing strategy. So, there is a need for a good Instagram Hashtag Strategy to grow your account as well your business.

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of people who see (and engage with) your Instagram content will continue to be using hashtags. If you don’t use it wisely, you risk your trusted followers to spam and having Instagram’s algorithms penalize your account.

Instagram hashtags: What actually are they?

A word, phrase, or set of words with the pound symbol (#) before them is referred to as a hashtag. Using hashtags on social media helps to organise material and increase post discoverability.

Also, Hashtags become clickable links on Instagram (and other social media sites) when they are used. A page displaying all the information marked with a certain hashtag can be accessed by clicking on it or by conducting a search for it.

Why is it significant to have an Instagram Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtag Strategy is a purposeful and strategic approach to using hashtags on Instagram. You can acquire new, valuable Instagram followers to see your posts by developing a hashtag strategy.

Additionally, creating branded hashtags makes it simple to analyse and reuse user-generated content(UGC) or even launch UGC initiatives. Hashtags on Instagram offer countless opportunities, making them an essential component of any Social Media Marketing campaign.

List of Instagram hashtags with the Highest popularity

The hashtag strategy to boost interaction isn’t always to use exceptionally well-liked hashtags in your postings. Because so many people use (and follow) that hashtag, your post may be lost in the sea of others that also contain that hashtag. Instagram advises mixing popular and specialized hashtags to target both specialized and general audiences.

Thus, on the basis of usage over the past month, these are the most recent top 10 Instagram hashtags:

  1. #love (2.1 B)
  2. #instagood (1.6B)
  3. #photooftheday (1 B)
  4. #tbt (583M)
  5. #selfie (452M)
  6. #art (1B)
  7. #friends (439M)
  8. #repost (558M)
  9. #nature (785M)
  10. #style (643M)

Kinds of widely used Instagram Hashtag 

Knowing the different sorts of hashtags available can help you create a comprehensive Instagram Hashtag Strategy.

The nine categories of Instagram hashtags are listed below:

  1. Hashtags for products or services: These are hashtags, such as #skincare or #restaurant, that characterizes your good or service.
  2. Specific hashtags: By using hashtags like #naturalskincare or #seafoodrestaurant, you may reveal more about your business and how you fit inside it.
  3. Hashtags for particular events or seasons: These hashtags refer to actual times of year or occasions, such as #winternights or National [Something] Day holidays, such as #nationalpizzaday or #nationalsiblingday.
  4. Industry-specific hashtags: You can use these hashtags to find and interact with Instagram groups which helps to build a good hashtag strategy. Examples are #interiordesignersinparis or #dogsofinstagram.
  5. Regular hashtags: There are distinct hashtags for each day of the week. There are plenty, including #sundayfunday, #throwbackthursday, and #mondayblues. This is a list of the top daily hashtags from which you can select.
  6. Hashtags for locations: Regardless of whether you geotag your Instagram posts, you should think about using a location-specific hashtag such #bostonclothingstore or #texasbeer.
  7. Acronym hashtags: Possibly the most well-known acronym hashtag is #TBT (throwback Thursdays). Aside from #GRWM (get ready with me), #YOLO (you only live once), and #OOTD, there are more acronym hashtags (outfit of the day).
  8. Hashtags for suitable phrases: For a successful Instagram Hashtag Strategy, hashtags are a blend of hashtags for products, hashtags for communities, and hashtags for certain niches. They’re hashtags that users use on Instagram, such as #iamwriting and #hewhosculpts, to communicate with their communities more personally.
  9. Hashtags for Brands: Branded hashtags are those that businesses such as #hootsuite use in their posts.

Even Finding Popular Instagram Hashtags to Include in Your Content Plan

The greatest strategy to broaden your audience and boost engagement rates on Instagram is by including 20–30 hashtags in each of your posts. The question is, how do you come up with so many relevant hashtags for each post? 

These are 3 strategies you can use:

  1. Use a tool that suggests hashtags:

You can quickly discover hashtags that match the content of your article in your business by using a hashtag suggestion tool.

       2. Analyse the Explore Page of Instagram

Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy can benefit greatly from the ideas found on the Explore page. Check out the “Top” results when conducting a keyword search for your brand or content to get the finest outcomes. Because these posts are obviously successful with the Instagram algorithm, pay attention to the various hashtags being used and think about whether they would be good for your material.

         3. Using the Tag Search Tool on Instagram, check the volume of hashtags

Post volume is a critical parameter to consider while determining the best hashtags. If a hashtag has millions of posts, there is a good possibility that message might not be searchable. A hashtag having a small number of posts, on the other hand, is probably not being looked up because of low searches and engagement. 

For a safe middle-ground, aim for hashtags with between 10K-200K postings.

In order to find out how many posts on Instagram contain a specific hashtag, use the tag search tool on the Explore Page.

This can be an excellent source of inspiration as well as a technique to thoroughly check your hashtags. For instance, you can come across a more specialised hashtag that shares the same term but has a higher volume of posts.

Instagram Growth Strategy can be achieved by keeping the following Points in mind while creating a successful Instagram Hashtag Strategy

  1. Study your Audience
  2. Discover trending hashtags that are related to your brand.
  3. Prior to using hashtags, do some research.
  4. Use both well-known and specialised niche hashtags.
  5. Try hashtags for the seasons and holidays.
  6. Use only the appropriate number of hashtags
  7. Consider your hashtag outcomes as you hone your approach.

How to Decide Which Hashtags to Use for Your Strategy

Instagram hashtags with popularity scores of high, moderate, and low behave differently on the site. If you solely concentrate on hashtags with a high saturation, you may have trouble getting your content recognised because highly popular hashtags receive a lot of traffic. Here is a combination of hashtags to assist you choose your strategy.

  • 3 to 5 widely used hashtags (500k to 1 million associated posts)

  • Three to five additional hashtags that are moderately popular (100k to 500k)

  • Then, add three to five hashtags in a limited space that is unique to your niche.

  • 1-2 hashtags that are unique to your brand and that you have created.

How to Develop an Analytics-Based Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Once you’ve identified the hashtags you want to employ, it’s crucial to try them out and delve further into your data. The greatest way to track the success of your tests and to gradually improve your strategy is to examine the performance of your hashtags.

You can track important information about your hashtags using online tools called hashtag analytics, including a summary of which ones are responsible for the majority of likes, comments, saves, and reach on your Instagram Reels and Photos.

It automatically evaluates the performance of your posts over time in relation to the hashtags you use, giving you a summary of what’s effective and ineffective for your account. Hashtags are an effective technique to expand your audience and build your account, but significant results need time and work. A constant hashtag strategy, whether you use 10 or 30, continues to be one of the best ways to expand your Instagram following.,